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  • Using Real Devices
  • Individual Networks
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As we all know, Google Play has issued a new update requiring new developers or publishers to recruit at least 20 testers to test their apps and games at least 14 days before release. We’ll help you provide the 20 testers who will test your applications and games, deeply every day, so don’t hesitate to call on us!

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Our Works.

This is a demo of our testing work that our team worked on.

Our team has worked on this for 14 days and has done complete testing.

यह हमारे परीक्षण कार्य का एक डेमो है जिस पर हमारी टीम ने काम किया है।

हमारी टीम ने इस पर 14 दिनों तक काम किया है और पूरी टेस्टिंग की है.

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